Anxiety because of vitiligo spots

A website visitor has left a few words on the impact vitiligo has on her life. What do you think she could do to cope better with having vitiligo?

I found out that I have vitiligo when I was 14 years old, now I’m 21.
In the beginning there were only two spots, now my whole body is covered. It was hard to accept the idea that I have vitiligo and it still is. Ever since I found about this disorder I started to distance myself from the outside world, I avoid going outside without makeup and walk looking down.

With time, I became more distressed, even bitter towards people around me. I think that because of stress and because of continuous worry about my vitiligo, my spots grew and multiplied. When summer approaches my vitiligo spots become more visible although never go out more than 15-20 minutes at a time and take care to apply SPF50+ lotion.

Because of this disease I am permanently suffering and I can’t do things that are trivial for other girls such as going to the beach.